14 February, 2010

ValenTIMES Day

In India they do not celebrate Valentines Day so neither did we. Well we did go out to Johnsons (a nice American restaurant here in Manali) for dinner but it was more to celebrate Laura’s birthday. Laura hates celebrating her birthday for some reason so we had to trick her :)


Laura's "I hate birthday's"face

This coke is for Britt, we miss you!

This morning we all went to church here on campus (everything is SO close) it was really good too. The normal pastor was not there he is in Delhi but another man spoke on Colossians 3. He told us about a near death experience for the gospel he had this winter holiday. It was surreal hearing someone in church talking about persecution for the sake of the gospel and it not be a “foreign missionary”. He was talking about how we are hidden in Christ so we have confidence in Christ. Nothing can happen to us without His knowing. It was such a powerful message to me and a good reminder.

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