13 February, 2010


Everyone getting off the bus because we were stuck

Justin and Kevin trying to get enough snow off the top of the vehicle to load the luggage

By 7:30am, we were stuck. We called Dr. Phillip, the head surgeon and dear friend of Grant and Charlene, for advice. He decided he would send Sam (our hero), to the rescue. As Sam was coming to us, our bus made its way a little further up the road. We finally parked in a lot with a large overhang (great shelter from the falling snow and 1.5 feet of snow!). Sam finally arrived with a vehicle to rescue us from the snow. However, he could only take 1/2 of the bags and participants. Jess, Laura, and I would just have to wait... After four hours of waiting, rummaging through our friends luggage for supplies, sitting by a fire with Hindi speaking men, watching a man play cards in a three piece suit, taking Laura to experience her first "squatty potty", and many many laughs, Sam arrived (this was four hours total). The snow was now about 2.5 feet and still snowing! Our drive to our new home was long and adventurous to say the least. We finally arrived to find Kevin, Casey, and Ashley in the house stocking our pantry with staple supplies for the snowy days ahead... Arriving in N. India with no electricity, no heat, and 3.5 feet of snow was quite a welcome! It can only get better from here, right?!

Cooking by candle light

The rest of the day consisted of staying warm and learning from Kevin on how to keep us warm with a Tandoor oven. This is a little fireplace in the middle of our living room with a metal pipe that goes out the roof. It can be used for warming a cooking. Our first day was eventful to say the least. We finished the day off with a nice warm bowl of tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. Praise the Lord for warmth and food!

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  1. I'm loving your blog! Glad you're taking the time to do this. Love you guys so much!