12 February, 2010

Getting ready to leave the states...

We are getting ready to leave the U.S. for India to help with the beginning of CDH-I. We have the opportunity to serve for Crossroads Worldwide in North India for a month- February 4th till March 8th. We will be serving as the facilitators for the new discipleship program (Community Discipleship Home-India) that Crossroads is starting. As many of you know Justin and I both went through the yearlong stateside Community Discipleship Home (CDH), so this is quite a privilege to be able to lead students in a similar program to the one that molded and shaped us into who we are today.

We found out that India had changed its Visa policies and that is why Justin and I are going to India. It used to be that you would get a 6-month or 10 year tourist visa to enter into India. Now you can still do that however for a 10-year visa you have to leave for a 2-month furlough. To make all the details short this new Visa policy affected our missionaries who are serving in North India and who are hosting the CDH-India program. They have to take their 2-month furlough right now here in the states. They thought they would be able to go back to India in February with the CDH participants but now they have to wait until March. This meant that CDH participants would have no program facilitators. Changing tickets would ultimately mean the program would have to be cancelled. Crossroads was in need of temporary facilitators for the month of February. That’s where Justin and I come in.