12 February, 2010

Delhi Part II

The girls room in Delhi

After "sleeping" a full night in Delhi, we began day two adventures in Dirty Delhi. The hotel clerk gave us the advice to take the metro to the Red Fort, a historic Mogul landmark in Delhi. After a delicious American breakfast (eggs, bread, and chai), we packed up and headed out to the metro only to be harassed by Rickshaw drivers and various store owners along the way.

The CHDers at the Red Fort

Justin at the Red Fort classic pose

The Metro in India is actually a very advanced system and runs very quickly! After a few stops and changing trains, we made it to the stop where the Red Fort would be. From what we understand, this is considered "old Delhi." The sights and sounds are very different than where we were the day before. There were so many people with so very little. The smell and view was not very desirable. It made us all very grateful for what we have. After getting directions from various non-english speakers, we made it to the Red Fort. Laura, one of the CDH participants, reminded us that it looked A LOT like the palace and location where Jasmine and Aladdin spent their days! Being the history buffs that we are, we walked around and thought it looked really "pretty" and then headed out for lunch!

We treated ourselves to an authentic Indian meal for lunch--- Pizza Hut! Kavita, a friend of Grant and Charlene, met us for lunch. She is one of the youth workers in Manali, but spending some time in Delhi. It was a great time for our girls to learn a little more about the ministry in Manali with the youth girls. We were blessed to be able to meet a believer in Delhi in the midst of such darkness.

After lunch we made our way back to the Hotel Welcome Palace to pack our bags for the Road Trip of a lifetime- a 12 hour bus ride from Delhi to Manali. After packing all 12 bags, carry-ons, and people into two tiny vehicles, watching the other car run a redlight and almost get T-boned, and taking one last pee break in the dirtiest bathroom imaginable, we were on the bus and heading out of the Dirty Delhi at exactly 6:30pm.

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