16 February, 2010

First Day at DUF/ Starting relationships in Daystar School

DUF Girls dorm

Today we woke up to the sun shining brightly! Praise the Lord! Maybe our clothes will actually dry on the line now. We also woke up to a friendly critter in our bathroom. Kevin and Justin set out a rat trap the night before with some delicious organic peanut butter to catch our friend we’ve affectionately named Ratatouille. He was in the rat trap angry that we outsmarted him. We plan to keep setting out traps because Dr. Philip told us , “where there is one rat, there are MANY.” Oh, the joys of India.

The rat.

Later in the morning, Justin, Kevin, Laura, and Ashley went to the school for chai and a meet and greet with the teachers. We were given PLENTY of projects to keep us busy during the next few weeks before internships officially begin. In the meantime, Jess and Casey tried to look for someone in the ER to shadow, but came back with no luck. We’ll try tomorrow.

Tomorrow begins some painting in the library, shoveling snow from the sidewalks of the school, and other organizational things. We’re looking forward to getting our “hands dirty”


Later in the afternoon, we visited Dar Ul Fazl (DUF), the children’s home where many of the church youth come from. This was such a sweet time of fellowship with some of Justin’s old friends and meeting new friends. We played some pretty sweet camp games, sang some songs, Laura gave a devotion on having faith in God during the storms of life, and then we just hung out and got to know the students a little better. We are excited to see this relationship develop for the CDHers. These kids seem to crave quality time with the groups that come in. We are praying for authentic relationships to be developed in order to have spiritual discussions and really be able to pour into them spiritually.

Some of the children from DUF

Caleb helping in leading music.

The director of the children’s home, Di Mami, shared her testimony with us and hosted us in the “sitting area.” We were so challenged to hear the story of such a godly woman and the persecution and struggles she faced to be able to have the children’s home the way that it is today.

Also, we finally had a GOOD cup of coffee- LOTS of CREAM and LOTS of SUGAR. That’s the trick here…

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