14 February, 2010

The Enchanted Forest

Today we got to Skype with Grant and Charlene and Robbie and Annie! It was so good to catch up with them (and ask a lot of unanswered questions about the house and community). I think they were a little surprised at how quickly the CDHers have adapted and learned to “survive” in the snowy winters of N. India.

We also got to Skype with our families as well. It was nice to see everyone’s faces!

Today was our first of MANY experiences in the Mess Hall as well. We enjoyed a Chickpea dish with some deep fried chapatti. It was very tasty! Looking forward to many more in the days to come.

The CDHers are busy reading and getting acclimated not only to India life, but to CDH life. We are going to be assigning interest specific projects soon. Its going to be interesting to see what kind of projects are assigned in the context of Indian culture.

The afternoon and evening times were a great break from the busy days behind us. We enjoyed a nice walk in the Manali Forest. Jess was able to use her sweet photography skills to capture the forest in the knee-high snow! I think this was a great break from the daily life on the hospital campus and market. We truly haven’t left this little bubble since we pulled in the first day. It was nice to get some fresh air and walk around a bit. After the forest, we enjoyed some baked ziti (first time making our own sauce) and watch the movie outsourced as a family! Overall, a great break to a so far busy week!

The CDHers and Neha in the forest

Us with Neha in the forest.

In the left corner of the picture you can see an Indian couple having a snow ball fight, we thought this was so funny.

Keep praying for the CDHers as they have more and more opportunities to meet people in the community (now that life is getting back to normal here). Pray that they will be intentional with one another and also with the community in which they now live. Pray that we can help them in whatever way possible to develop the discipline that they desire to gain in this program.

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