25 February, 2010

Dinner with Pastor

Happy Birthday Susan Brock! Today is Justin’s mom’s birthday. For her birthday, we decided it would only be appropriate to enjoy some leftover cake from the evening before.

This evening, we were invited to dinner at Pastors house. This was such a fun day! We are learning so much about hospitality. Anu, their middle child, came to pick us up and walked us over to his home. We came straight in, sat down, and of course, enjoying a hot cup of chai. The night was full of hilarious dance moves by the kids, singing, putting together a remote control car with Abhinay (their oldest son), sharing photos with Shaanu (their adopted daughter), taking MANY pictures, letting them take MANY pictures, sharing rice, dahl, roti, and CHICKEN together, and finally praying together to end the evening. We are blessed by Pastor and the role he will play in the development of this program and the CDHers each session.

Pastor's wife and Shaanu in the kitchen.

Anku, pastor's little girl. She is a character!

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