20 February, 2010

Manu Temple

Old Manali rooftops

Today we began evaluation meetings with each CDHer. We are excited to see them figure out what exactly the Lord has for them! Continue to pray for Ashley, Kevin, Laura, and Casey as they participate in CDH India!

***Manu Temple***

Now that the snow has melted, we got to take a short trek through Old Manali to Manu Temple. Manu temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to the Sage Manu. Hindu tradition says that Manu was the creator of the human race. We walked this day with a purpose of prayer. We walked through Manali and prayed for the lost, broken, and poor. We prayed over the temple- that people would see the fallacies of their faith and come to know the One True God. After walking around the temple, we trekked a bit further up to a rock face that overlooks the entire town. This was such a great time to pray over the town and the people that the CDHers will be serving for the next 5 months. Ashley prayed that they “would not be satisfied.” That, too, is our prayer- that the people of Manali, the people of India, and the lost in our world would not be satisfied in a life without Christ.

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