12 February, 2010

Delhi Part I

Justin and mine's room in Delhi

We arrived in Delhi at Midnight February 6th. By the time that we got our luggage and to the hotel The Welcome Palace it was somewhere around 2:00am. We were all so tired and jet lagged. We scheduled to stay a day and a half in Delhi. We had some shopping to do but I got sick the morning of the 6th when we woke up at 8:00am. I am not sure if I could say I had "Delhi Belly" because we had only been there for a few hours but I was sick enough to not go shopping that morning. Justin had to take the girls shopping for their Kurtas (Indian shirts that they will be wearing while they are in India) and he picked me out some too.

I took a picture of the hotel room and bath room because that was where a lot of my time was spent in Delhi, which was ok since I am not a huge fan of that city. Thank God for a western toilet!

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