14 February, 2010

13 of February

The book Simply Spiritual by Chris Heuertz talks about Humility. This is something that we are learning a lot about in the context of community. Everyone must dropped their own preferences and think of others more highly than themselves. As the facilitators for this Community Discipleship Home, this quote seemed appropriate:

“Humilty affirms our need for God. It is required to approach God. The Scriptures tell us that when we humble ourselves before the Lord, God will lift us up (James 4:10). Humility produces obedience as a sign and symbol of our love for God. Likewise, humility ‘is not concerned with one’s advantage but with that of others.’ It’s an obvious prerequisite for authentic community.”

Here are some pictures of the place we are staying (a.k.a the Treehouse):

This is our bathroom/ washroom. Here you can see our washer, our clothes drying, shower and sink.

Justin making Chai

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