20 February, 2010

19th of February

Today was a pretty restful day. We continued evaluations with the participants, cleaned the house, and visited the CDHers in their internships.

After lunch we dropped off some brownies and a homemade card for the maintenance guys here on campus. They have helped us out SO MUCH since we have been here (from fixing the tandoor, to helping us fix the toilet, outlets, etc). We LOVE THEM!

The card we made for the maintenance guys.

Tonight was date night away from “the kids.” We enjoyed a delicious meal at Mayur, an Indian restaurant here in town. Jess had Butter Chicken and Justin had Chicken Tikka Masala. We were a little nervous about chicken since the town has been on some chicken strike for the past week or so. A villager told us to be careful eating chicken from places because they may use DOG instead!!! AHHH! After our delicious meal, we came home, started a fire and watched some episodes of the office! Great day.

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