25 February, 2010

21st of February

This morning, we attended the local church service again. It is challenging to participate in the service when over ½ of it is in Hindi. However, it is also very encouraging and praiseworthy to know that our God is understanding so many different languages, cultures, and peoples all at the same time.

After the service, Pastor and his wife joined us for lunch. We whipped up a delicious soup and rice dish (delicious may be relative now). We sat around and enjoyed conversations, food, and of course chai, for a few hours. After the pastor and his wife left, we spent the afternoon reading and enjoying the Sunday afternoon rest.

Later that night, we cooked some Pizzas! We did it South Glenn style (this is the neighborhood we live it at home). That means, that we cook individual pizzas and then enjoy them one by one as they come out of the oven. It is a fun tradition to try and start here in India as well. During dinner, Dr. Philip brought over a cake that he cooked all by himself. The girls topped it with some chocolate icing and oreos (the official cookie of CDH India). Dr. Dennis also brought over some cashew sweets for his birthday. Yes, for HIS birthday. Tradition in India is to deliver treats to all of your friends on your birthday! It’s a pretty cool tradition, I’d say.

After dinner we discussed our book Bruchko together, this book has been the source of some very thought provoking conversations for the CDHers including the role of the Biblical community in decision making, stepping out in faith, contextualizing the gospel, and many other things. We are enjoying this time together for sure!

Another day and another night to come…full of rats…

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