13 February, 2010

How to cook Chapatti's

I feel like we are starting to wear down a little bit today. We haven’t had a “normal” day in a long time. But what is “normal” anyway? We’ve been living with a fire stove, propane stovetop, and limited contact with the community due to the snow. People are becoming more of the “real” person and we are definitely getting to know each other more. Its crazy how being snowed in can really teach us so much about ourselves and about each other. The group has really had to unify quickly due to the circumstances.

Today Grant and Charlene’s “daughter” Neha stopped by to visit. We’ve been expecting her, but figured it would be a while since she lives in a far out village and would most likely not be able to make it in the snow. However, she made the trek to visit us and we were so grateful! Neha took the crew to the market to buy fruits, vegetables, and other items and taught us how to cook some traditional Indian foods (greens and chapatti). The original plan was to cook them over the gas stove, but as things normally go here- that plan didn’t follow through. We ran out of propane and were told that due to snow, there would not be anymore until the roads opened back up. So, plan B went into effect and the girls learned to cook chapatti (bread) and veggies over the tandoor stove. Pretty awesome…

(video to come)

Electricity came on today as well! We were so grateful. Internet was also set up for us so we could finally communicate to everyone at home. It was an interesting vibe in the house. People were joyful, but much more homesick once they had a chance to talk to family and friends.

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