20 February, 2010

17 February 2010

Today was our first official “family meeting.” Jess and I cooked a delicious breakfast (oatmeal, cinnamon toast, and fresh pineapple). Each Wednesday will be a start of a “new week” as far as chores and such are concerned for the CDHers. It is also the day that they will debrief about the week prior. We are praying that the CDHers will continue to be transparent and vulnerable as they open up in the program.

Tonight we had our first official “guest night.” Today is a day of a lot of first officials. Dennis and Cheryl, the couple we spoke of in previous blogs, came over for dinner. We cooked black bean burgers, green beans, bread, and mocha brownies for them. They brought us over a Burmese Chicken Soup dish. We were so thankful for chicken! This was the first taste of chicken that we’ve had since the pizza we had in Delhi. Praise the Lord! We are so blessed and grateful for Dennis and Cheryl and the friendship that is developing between them and the CDH program. Dennis is a doctor and Cheryl is a physiotherapist . Graduates from med school must serve 2 years in a rural hospital, so D and C have dedicated 2 years here! We are blessed!

Conversations and fellowship were so sweet. Looking forward to next week’s guest night! We’re inviting Thomas and Benita (student ministry workers in town with a branch of IFES/ InterVarsity). They are hopefully going to teach us to cook rice and dahl (traditional dish) and then Ashley will be teaching Benita to bake some delicious treats.

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  1. how exciting for fellowship times with new friends to be developed! Lifting you up CDHer's!

    Kelly Reece