14 February, 2010

11 of February

Highlights of the day:

*Denis and Sheryl came to visit. These are friends of Grant and Charlene and have been a HUGE help to us in the last few days. They came over to “check in” but ended up staying for the evening to help us cook a meal in the pressure cooker (and teach us along the way). We had rice, potatoes, tomatoes, and A LOT of Indian flavor!

Denise helping prepare dinner.

*Neha spent the night so that she could Skype with her Mummy and Daddy (Grant and Charlene) the next morning.

Neha practicing her guitar skills.

*We were blessed to be invited to a time of fellowship and Bible Study with some community members. We looked at Genesis 4 and Romans 12 and talked about presenting our lives as sacrifices to the Lord. It was such a sweet time of fellowship with other believers (and I would say a much needed spiritual booster for all of us in light of the “snowed in” lifestyle we’d been living).

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