03 March, 2010

Language Lessons

Another fruitful day in Manali. The CDHers went back to their internships after a day off in Neha’s village. Laura and Ashley finished up the painting while Kevin worked on the school play and wondered why the power goes out so often!

Later in the afternoon, we set off to Minu’s house. Minu is a dear friend of Grant and Charlene’s and she agreed to teach us some Hindi lessons. Our Australian friend Phillipa joined us as well. Phillipa is a practicing doctor at home and decided to come to Rural India to serve patients here for the year.

We learned some basic phrases, but not so easy! We learned how to say:

What is your name?

My name is ________.

How are you?

I’m fine.

Where are you from?

I am from __________.

It was fun to go around the room and try to pronounce things correctly! Minu is a gracious teacher and was patient with us as we learned the basic phrases. We are going back to her house on Sunday for a meal and fellowship with her! I’m sure she’ll quiz us, so we’ll be sure to practice a lot!

After language lessons, we came home to a Mexican Fiesta! Kevin and Casey prepare corn and black bean quesadillas with fresh salsa! It was delicious! Reminded us of our favorite Mexican restaurant at home- El Acapulco.

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