06 March, 2010

Campbell's Arrival/ Kevin's B-Day!

The Campbell’s came today!!! Praise the Lord! We woke up at 6:45am to get breakfast prepared and walk to the bus station to pick them up. It was so nice to see them in person- FINALLY! We walked back to the house, gave them the grand tour, and then ate some French Toast together. This day was full of sweet reunions. The kids started back to school the day before, so many children stopped by to visit Grant uncle and Charlene maam. The CDHers were also able to build some good relationships with kids during this time of reuniting.

That evening we enjoyed some pancakes and eggs for Kevin’s birthday! He turned 23 today. I think he had a pretty good “Indian” birthday. Earlier in the day, Grant, Justin, and Kevin went to Manali sweets to buy some treats to hand out to friends. It is custom in India to give sweets to others on your birthday. So, since Kevin is now Indian, he had to take part in this great tradition!

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