06 March, 2010

4th of March

After sleeping in for the first time in a LONG time, we went to Johnson’s for the longest meeting (yet most fun) with the Campbell’s. We discussed all this CDH- the schedule, the plans / goals for the next few months here, Internships, roles as house facilitators, etc. In other words, we were “passing the torch”. It was such a sweet time of fellowship with them too. We are so blessed to have friends in the ministry that we LOVE working with.

After the meeting, oh, did we mentioned that it downpoured snow ALL day. It was gross and sloshy though. We were a bit nervous that it would stick and we’d miss our bus…anyway, after the meeting Grant and Justin did the market run for the day and got pretty wet in doing so. After that they ran by the bus stations to check on the status of the bus route due to snow. They found out that there had been a small avalanche type thing that blocked the road a ways down. Only small cars were making it through at that point. We were nervous that we may have to leave early in order to get to Delhi in time for our flight home…. They said to check back tomorrow though…

Once we got home we went back to “meeting” some more. We discussed with the Campbell’s our proposed projects for the CDHers and tweaked them a bit together. (most of this was done with no electricity by the way…). The CDHers were cooking together while we were doing this (with no electricity of course) and we sat down to a candlelight dinner… delicious cheesy pasta, steamed broccoli, hummus, salsa, and homemade tortilla chips (the only way to do it here- can’t buy them).

After dinner we had a dance party (courtesy of Grant Campbell). It was a great release after the long day of meeting.

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