03 March, 2010


This morning we enjoyed another service with the local church. Most of the songs were familiar songs from a group called Aradhna. We first became familiar with this worship music at Urbana Missions Conference a few months ago, when Chris Hale, the lead singer, came and spoke and led us in Hindi worship songs.

Today is also Holi. A Harvest festival and a festival of colors. The believers here do not participate (although it looks really fun to be attacked by people with water guns full of paint!), so we are staying on campus for the next few days for the most part. Although it is mostly lighthearted fun and games, there are some people here who take advantage of the holiday and get drunk and begin throwing things at people other than paint- cow manure, acidic things, etc. So, we have been advised to take the high road and not participate!

Tonight we did sneak out for a while to visit Minu again for dinner… (to be continued)

*The continuation:

Sorry this is short, but the computer crashed while we were typing earlier- T.I.I. (this is India). This becomes a common phrase while you are here. For example, “the power is out again” – “T.I.I” or “there are donkeys and dogs at the dumpster eating our trash everyday” – “T.I.I” or I just typed a REALLY long blog post and for no reason the computer shut down” – “T.I.I”

Dinner at Minu’s house was great! We got to sing songs, pray for the family, and enjoy delicious food and fellowship. We talked a lot about movies and RATS of course!

After Minu’s we came home to discuss Bruchko. During our book discussion, Casey screamed and we all looked to see a dirty stinkin rat climbing up our kitchen wall (through our dish rack). The girls left the room quickly, and Jess went to hide under the blankets in the only sealed room in our house- our bedroom. Kevin and Justin began the war of wars, which included the rat running under Kevin’s legs, Justin throwing shoes at the rat, Kevin using a crow bar and Justin using an umbrella, and NO LUCK in killing the rat. Needless to say, Kevin slept in the sealed room- our bedroom. It was a peaceful slumber party.

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