03 March, 2010

27th of February

Lazy Saturdays are still some of the best days in India. Something that the Lord has been teaching us a lot is to rest and that this is a discipline so many American Christians seem to neglect (including us!). We are learning that in resting, we are more capable to be in tune with the Holy Spirit and work even harder the other days!

After sleeping in (with no sounds of rats since we boarded up as many holes as we could!), we woke up to the sound of sizzling French toast made by Kevin and Ashley! Later in the afternoon, the two of us took a walk in the upper forest to Hadimba Temple. This temple is very eerie. The Hindu people in this area also practice some animistic things, so this temple is a place where they still make blood sacrifices. It is sad to see the hopelessness of these people that are worshiping gods that do not exist. We pray for their salvation and that Christ would be made known to them!

After the hike, we came home to see our friend Thomas teaching Kevin the Hindi alphabet and the girls cooking Spinach Quiche and making Key Lime pie. We are so excited to see the CDHers getting into their element here in India. They are making friends with people in the community and really starting to get the program! We pray that they will continue to be open, vulnerable, and disciplined throughout the program and beyond.

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