03 March, 2010

26th of February

Happy Birthday to Curtis Brock- Justin’s dad. Today was a very good day! We finally got more wood for our Tandoor oven. This is the best way to heat our house, so we were very grateful that the carpenter came to cut our wood! While the carpenter was here, Kevin had him make a shelf for his room! Kevin’s room is finally looking like a room!

Book Reports were due today as well. Ashley read Mark of a Christian, Kevin read In the Name of Jesus, Casey read The Hiding Place, and Laura read Life Together. One of our favorite aspects of this program is the “CDH Library.” The CDH-India library includes these four books as well as Walking from East to West, The Cost of Discipleship, Truly the Community, Soul Survivor, A Long Obedience, The Pursuit of God, and A Severe Mercy. Praising God that each participant took something meaningful from the book they read and are looking forward to upcoming books. You can pray for them as they feel a bit overwhelmed at times with all the books, projects, service, etc that goes on with this intensive discipleship program.

This evening we enjoyed a nice end of week meal at Mayur, a local Indian Restaurant. I say Indian Restaurant, because it most resembles the Indian restaurants at home (looks, taste, service, etc.). The only difference is the price. At home a meal would cost around $12 or $15 bucks per plate. Here, about $3. Pretty nice… We came home to light of the fire and watch a few episodes of The Office, season 4. A taste of America!

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